About Us

Mr Tan Chik Heng

Garden Pastry was founded in 1979 by Mr Tan Chik Heng, situated at 95 Aljunied Crescent.

Garden Pastry had been selling traditional bread and confectionery.

A friend of Mr. Tan (whom is pastry chef from Hong Kong), came to Singapore in 1991 for visit and taught Mr. Tan the recipe to make Teochew style Crispy Skin Yam Mooncake and traditional baked skin mooncake (with thin crust of skin and refined fillings).

Our mooncakes were launched in Mid-Autumn 1992. Since then, our signature Crispy Skin Yam Mooncake have been well received by gourmet. To ensure absolute freshness and quality, our mooncakes are all handmade without preservative and lard.

We are open daily from 7.30am to 10.00pm, continue producing fresh, quality traditional breads and confectionery to all customers.


(65) 6745 5706 / (65) 6745 9310